25.08.2011 17:04 Age: 7 yrs

After The Rain (feat. Young Noble of The Outlawz)

We did it again! Young Noble and Marc Scratch on a brand new real deep song together.

For those who still don't know Noble: He's a member of the legendary Outlawz - from 2Pac's rap group!

The track is about the struggle of life, not losing hope even though it's hard. I dedicate this one to Benjamin who died because of cancer, Michael's mum, also cancer and Mrs Smith who's gone too soon cause of a heart attack.

It's called "After The Rain" and you can listen to it here: music

If you go through same situations in life, don't forget: The Sun shines after the rain!

Big Thanks to Young Noble!

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Thursday, 05-01-12 11:39

Thgouht it wouldn't to give it a shot. I was right.



Sunday, 04-09-11 18:38

Thanks for making real music !



Thursday, 25-08-11 22:18

this track is too deep for underground rap!

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